Thursday, March 22, 2007

ESP Shopping

Caroline has had a spooky encounter with a clairvoyant. I think I have surpassed it though.

Examine the photograph above. My sister and I decided not to collaborate for Mother's day this year. The card on the left is the one which I purchased. The card on the right is the one which she purchased. Without conferring.

I have often questioned whether my sister and I have anything more in common than a surname, but clearly we are more closely connected than I had thought.


Anonymous Daisy-Winifred said...

What made me laugh was the fact before I read the text i chose which card was yours...and I got it right. Mmm maybe I am getting to know you, ha-ha and the fact of who holds knitting needles probably informed too:0)

22 March, 2007 23:17  
Blogger Stray said...

Yes :)

It's actually a good representation of the differences between me and my sister. At the core, we're similar, but she is pink and fluffy and I am yellow and undecorated :)



23 March, 2007 00:21  
Blogger Caroline said...

The yellow card is Boots.


23 March, 2007 11:16  
Blogger Stray said...

Aw! Then Caroline I must get another and send it to him on the ward :)

They look very much like our first family cat, Pepsi.


23 March, 2007 22:55  
Blogger Caroline said...

I reckon that you and P will get on just perfectly.

23 March, 2007 23:12  
Blogger Stray said...

:) Caroline


23 March, 2007 23:15  
Blogger Random Reflections said...

My sister and I are nothing alike - people have even been known to ask if we have the same parents (we do!). I don't think even our taste in cards is similar.

Actually being very different is quite good though as it means we are never in competition with each other and we have always got on well.

24 March, 2007 12:50  
Blogger Stray said...

Thanks RR - nice to see you :)

Yeah - I find it hard to believe that my sister and I are of the same stock too.

It's interesting what you say though about not being in competition, because I had never thought about that before, but it's true - I felt exactly the same, and it's something I should be grateful for.


24 March, 2007 22:35  

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