Monday, March 19, 2007

Stuff I've been meaning to blog about #1: Tourettes

Badger has Tourette's. Or, Tourette's disorder as it is more properly known.

I know this because I live with her. And it's great.

Contrary to popular media stereotyping, she doesn't swear and spit and rant. Well, when she does it's her Aspergers rather than the Tourettes to blame.

No, her tics are not nasty offensive swearing, shouting, blaspheming yukness.

Badger tics like a chicken. Or a cat. Or a peacock. Or sometimes Sweep, from Sooty and Sweep. She picks up noises from her environment, and echoes them back with astounding accuracy. Her impressions are incredibly convincing - she was once treated to the full courting display by a male peacock who believed her to be The One for him.

In between, she clicks and whistles. And sometimes makes cool little space noises.

The best thing about Badger's tics is that they are sometimes even a surprise to her! She can perfectly mimic things without knowing she was even capable. It combines beautifully with her Aspergers, because she blurts out her own reaction without the normal social constraints that would hold the rest of us back. And she does have a wonderful turn of phrase.

Badger has physical tics as well. She says it is like someone walking over her grave - a shiver comes up her spine and she just has to cock her head / move her arms / do a little dance. One time she simply had to straighten her leg whilst we were stuck in traffic. Being constricted by the dimensions of her Mini Cooper, she creatively wound down the window and stuck her foot right out to get the leg room required.

I can tell if Badger is asleep or awake because from my bedroom I can just make out the squeaking / clicking / clucking in her room. It's actually quite handy in the mornings if I am not sure who is up yet.

Badger stops ticking in only two circumstances that I have experienced. One is climbing mountains, the other is playing Guitar Hero. She is about to apply for DLA, and I think that walking boots and PS2 games should be listed as medical expenses.

Badger should learn to beatbox. She would be superb. For her first single I think we should record the Old MacDonald rap.

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Blogger Badger said...

I would be rubbish at hide and seek.. I like the title you suggest for my first song, it also sounds like a perfect excuse to eat Mcdonalds Cheeseburgers in between rifts. :)


19 March, 2007 23:31  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

If you've got Guitar Hero, I'm round there tomorrow. I bloody love it! And I rock! Badger, plug it in 'cos I'm a comin' round...

19 March, 2007 23:44  
Blogger Badger said...

Superb! A fellow rock contender. Be sure to bring your little plastic guitar for group jamming.

I am stuck on a rather tricky Eric Clapton number in my final set.

19 March, 2007 23:55  
Blogger Stray said...

Excellent Ms M. We shall warm the teapot and pop a mug under the ... actually - tea's not very rock and roll, and tea with soya milk is even less so.

I think I shall start a book.

Can I have your current form please, to get the odds right?

Badger, my money is on you. Unless we also play hide and seek.


19 March, 2007 23:59  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

That is the best description of Badger ever!! I still say that Badger sholuld record her wonderful sounds and make them into ring tones or text message sounds.... I think my very own Shadowdraic has tourettes...he flutters and dances and utters "URP" at odd intervals.

24 March, 2007 12:33  
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