Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time machine ...

Exhibit A: A working time machine, hard wired to transport the user to February 1985.

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Blogger Caroline said...

Is the milk warm? It needs to be in a little bottle with a straw.
I love fudge.

20 March, 2007 22:03  
Blogger Badger said...

I used to be the milk monitor at school when i was 5. (1985 infact!). The milk was certainly not warm but it did come with a little starw and damn they forgot the fudge. pah.

20 March, 2007 22:14  
Blogger Stray said...

Fudge is so great :) Badger brought both the fudge and the milk back. She's genius. Ta Badger! You can be milk monitor of our shack too.

I have never had a milkman of my own. Only ever plastic cartons from the supermarket. I was very excited to have a glass bottle. I want a milkman but I fear their little electric truck wouldn't get up the track to our house.

I blame my lack of stature on the fact that Thatcher abolished milk for my age group and it didn't come back until after I was out of infant school. I am going to sue her. If it wasn't for her meanness I might have made 5'1'' and been goal keeper for Scotland.

20 March, 2007 22:19  
Blogger Caroline said...

Badger - hi. We haven't met. Hi! Please can I have a finger of fudge. I buy them for my hundreds of children, but I never do for myself. Please. Hi by the way ;)

Stray dearest - follow your dreams;-) My brother's a professional ref, do you want me to 'have a word'???


20 March, 2007 22:54  
Blogger Stray said...

It's ok Caroline, I have come to realise that this life is one of suffering and disappointment. The difference between happiness and unhappiness is not whether I am a goal keeper, but whether I [get lots of money from Mrs Thatcher] can regulate my internal world in order to tolerate the fact that I am not a goal keeper. (Ms M? Is that right?)

But, if your brother can get me some tickets for Man Utd instead that would be lovely :)


20 March, 2007 23:07  
Blogger Random Reflections said...

The fudge gets a big thumbs up from me but the milk not so much.

When I was at school, which was at the same time as you, my mum wrote a note excusing me from having to drink those little bottles of milk we used to get. I was one of the people who rejoiced when they phased out milk at school.

22 March, 2007 19:41  
Blogger Stray said...

RR - have some fudge :)

I would have gagged as a kid had I been made to drink milk ... ! I'd actually forgotten how much I hated the stuff. I used to pour a tiny bit on my cereal, swill it round and pour any excess off.


24 March, 2007 22:38  

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