Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thin King Bloggers

Ms Melancholy not only tagged me with the 'Thinking Blogger' meme, she nicked all the best puns as well.

Apparently it's the brain child of Ilker Yolgas and we don't just get to pat ourselves on the back (or head, in my case - hazard of being under five feet tall) we get a sticker for our blogs and everything. The full list of rules and regs are here.

So, Ms Melancholy says my blog made her think. Think what? is a question she politely declined to answer. Possibly something about how she should really be getting on with the redecorating, and that it's amazing what mindless devotion a good-looking dog will show to a midget with a packet of bacon.

The thing about this blogging thing (I'm being serious now, please take your seats) is that you all make me think. Both the blogs I read, and the potential unknown reader, interact with my psychic space in ways I would never have imagined. I blog in my head. I comment in my head. I suspect that Ms. M may offer me some sort of treatment for this, but I probably can't afford it. I notice things around me because of what I am reading, and because I want to have things to write about. Tiny weeny interactions in the supermarket become potentially moving / poignant / funny / revealing anecdotes. That I never get round to writing them is at least half the fun.

Some of you make me think "Oh my god I am soooo crap at this writing stuff that I don't know why I bother ... ". Some make me think "If I am ever blessed with the insight of this individual I shall be truly happy / rich / suicidal ... ". There's a fair bit of envy and a hell of a lot of relief that it wasn't my cervix / testicle / cat / mother / child / car / bar mitzvah in the story. Thanks.

So - here are my nominations ...

... Best Screenplay: this too ... a fearless account in words and pictures, with honesty that stirs me every time I read.

... Best Sound-effects: Badger That ... a joyful reminder that being normal is nothing to aspire to.

... Best Script: Blaugustine ... a seriously philosophical artist, who informs me about politics, religion, the human condition and the joy of being just who you are.

... Best Actress Mad Harper ... an extraordinary performance in the face of adversity. (Mad's keyboard no longer has a letter J, and yet she writes 'ust brilliantly).

... Best Supporting Actress Hoarded Ordinaries ... the support bit being that Lorianne's ridiculously wise words pop me back on the kerb at very regular intervals. Wisdom, kindness and a good looking dog - she's got the whole package.

So - they can consider themselves tagged, and I spose I should tell them myself as well. I'm off now to look for my sticker ...



The participation rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.

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Anonymous Natalie said...

Stray, am I thick or what? I'm chuffed to be tagged by you but am not sure I fully understand the point of this meme. Is it simply to name 5 blogs that we find thought-worthy? I can certainly do that. But then why are we awarding ourselves a Thinker's badge for this simple task? And by the time everyone has named their 5 chosen blogs, won't this mean that nobody will ever have time to look them all up because that would mean surfing 24 hours a day for the next...um...millenium? You're a mathematician, can you please work out how many blogs there will be listed if everybody in the b-sphere does this meme? But okay, yes, I'll do it. :)

20 March, 2007 02:01  
Blogger Stray said...

Ah Natalie my darling, you're not thick at all. But you are being a touch obtuse, which we'll forgive you for as it's so out of character.

You get the Award for having been named as one of my 5 "Thinking Bloggers". But - you have to get stick it on your site yourself coz I doubt you'd like me poking around in your code.

So - whilst I agree that naming your own 5 "Thinking Bloggers" is a simple task, the whole creation of the Blaug which led me to choose you probably took a bit of thought and stuff.

As for the maths, the answer is of course 5^(n-1) where n is the length of the chain, which I will assume to be approximately the same as the number of days passed since the meme was started on 11th Feb 2007. Currently this is 37 days, so that would be 14551915228366900000000000 awards, and as the population of Earth is just over 6.5 billion then by now we should each have received over 2 billion billion awards ... which makes me wonder why I'm only just getting my first!

Hmm. I don't feel quite so clever now.

20 March, 2007 08:57  
Blogger Jean said...

You've been missed - a big welcome back! especially if you're going to say such nice things about me. 'Best screenplay': that's so gratifying! I really don't care, in the circumstances, if this meme is a mathematical nightmare :-)

20 March, 2007 15:48  
Blogger Stray said...

Ah Jean :) Yes, it's lovely that my absence was noticed. I think I was in hibernation of some kind. Like the Blue Peter tortoise.

Numbers shmumbers. Your blog is great and thinking is definitely my reaction to it ... with a bit of feeling thrown in for good measure.


20 March, 2007 17:04  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

Lovely post! I will look forward to checking out all your links. See, Mr Capitalist Man, how real blogging works!

20 March, 2007 23:26  
Blogger Stray said...

Did you have your bath yet Ms M? I am concerned for your blood pressure.

Thank you though :) I have had a lot of fun and spiritual nourishment from this exercise.

Does that mean I've passed?


20 March, 2007 23:31  

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