Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My first pair of heels ...

On Sunday I will be an unbelievable 31 years old. How shocking!

So, as a birthday gift to myself I have purchased a pair of heels. Well, Heelys to be precise.

I have been levitating around the kitchen in them, with Ruby barking at my feet, objecting to the fact that the laws of shoes are not being obeyed.

I love them! I love them!

And, today I have had confirmation of what I have always known: I am a fashion guru, just so far ahead of the pack that my genius is not appreciated.

Gap have an ad campaign for their new range of "Boy Fit" women's clothes. Well, call me Jeff Banks, my entire wardrobe is age 10-12 boys attire! I am sooooo cool.

So, if you see what looks like a small 14 year old boy whizzing past you in the street, dressed head to toe in the latest supercool 'H&M kids' attire, possibly pulled along by a very good looking boxer dog, don't forget to allow for the possibility that it's actually a 31 year old woman with a blog.

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Blogger Lorianne said...

How cool! Whenever I see kids zipping around on these, I'm always caught off guard: your line about not obeying the laws of shoes describes it perfectly.

Have fun, and be careful out there!

21 March, 2007 21:52  
Blogger Caroline said...

You are super cool girlie! Fabulous! I'd love some, but I'd look like a dumpy 33year old trying to be cool ... not an attractive look!

21 March, 2007 22:05  
Blogger Stray said...

Lorianne - I will definitely be careful. I don't think my business insurance covers this sort of thing. My house is ALL heely friendly though - lino and marble floors - though I'm not keen to fall on those.

Caroline - you'd look like an about-to-be-published super-cool blogger on castors! And if you can master real heels then these babies are a piece of cake.

Your picture that Middle Child drew shows you to have just the right shaped legs for Heelying. Get to the shops first thing and we'll meet for a race in a week or so.


21 March, 2007 22:28  
Blogger Caroline said...

No stray ... middle child was being kind ...

22 March, 2007 19:50  
Blogger Stray said...

Aw Caroline - you are too hard on yourself :)

My Dad confessed that he has been talking to my mother about getting some Heelys for himself.

We had a serious discussion about it. I think he should go for it - he's pretty coordinated and flexible as he dances a lot. I think he is recalling his fairly recent broken leg and thinking he'd rather not go there again ... but it made me wonder who the oldest Heely wearer in the UK is ... !


23 March, 2007 00:26  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

I want some!!! I want some! You have always been cool. Good that you have noticed :)

24 March, 2007 12:25  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

PS> When these heely things first came out, call me sad, but I wanted to see a whole Morris team in them. Gliding about. That was when they were only sold in Germany and were called "e-rollers" hee

24 March, 2007 12:26  

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