Friday, March 16, 2007


Ruby and I returned to the woods this week. Throughout last summer and autumn we walked there most mornings, and some evenings as well. The Chantries lie on very steep hills, bordering the chalk downlands of Pewley Downs, and crossed by both the North Downs Way - England's oldest path - and Pilgrims Way.

These pictures were taken one morning earlier in the week, when we did a quick circuit of the well trodden sandy paths. This afternoon however, we did something I haven't done since I was a child - got lost on purpose. For over 2 hours we wandered from one side to the other, off the path, away from the familiar tracks, until we were properly lost, and then discovered a recognisable tree just as the sun was beginning to lose it's strength.

The purpose of the walk was to get away from the digital distractions of my desk, to give myself time to think about the book I have the absolute privilege of editing (all about why Global Warming is the best thing ever to have happened to the human race - watch this space for more on that) and am trying to create a 5 minute promo film for. Whilst Ruby chased at least 87 different squirrels, I ran around after 53 different thoughts, attempting not to grab at any of them in particular. I stopped on a bench for a little while and scribbled film notes on to index cards, whilst Ruby galloped in huge circles with 2 bouncy labradors she'd hooked up with.

I'm not sure I came away with any precise answers, but I did feel that I'd been on exactly the sort of educational journey of discovery that the original Chantries aimed to deliver to their communities.

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Blogger The Cornish Cowgirl said...

I have sat on that bench. What a wonderful place to sit it was.

20 March, 2007 09:41  

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