Thursday, June 14, 2007

shhhhh ...

... everyone is asleep.

Except for those of us who are too excited to sleep.

Only one sleep to go til In Search of Adam launches in Manchester.

One sleep to go, if I can sleep, of course.

I have to sleep because I will be driving the dog bus up to Yorkshire, where I will collect Ms M and Bobo and ferry them to the launch party at Waterstones (91 Deansgate) Manchester ... where we will meet up with Badger and Matthew and JJ and Jude and the dancing girls from The Friday Project and and and ... who am I missing ...?

... who am I missing ...?

Oh yes. Ms Caroline Smailes (Author).

Oh oh oh! I am full of secret surprises and that is tooooooooo exciting to sleep. Even though it is the last before sleep. The only before sleep left.

D-W will be having her own special launch party over at her new blog Asynchronous Process too. She is creating a book chain and community of 100 people. Amazing.

But. We have to be excited quietly.

Because everyone else is sleeping.


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Blogger Caroline said...

It is here. Tomorrow is here. And I am so impressed that the widget says 'one day.'

See you later honey (unless I am tooo scared to go).

14 June, 2007 07:31  
Blogger The Moon Topples said...

Stray: Please leave a little room in your travel bag to bring Caroline my love and good wishes.

I am currently very jealous of your Englishness and wish I could be there myself.

14 June, 2007 08:28  
Blogger Jude said...

I am sooooooo excited!

Really looking forward to meeting you all.

And seeing Caroline enjoy her moment.

I just wish I didn't have to go to work whilst I am waiting.

14 June, 2007 09:16  
Blogger Matthew said...


I just couldn't fit in the sailor suit, mind you. Apparently it's very raining in Manchester too. Cue embarrassed sodden boys strolling in not knowing how to conduct oneself at a book launch.

See you all later :D

14 June, 2007 11:21  
Blogger Böbø said...

Ohhh, Stray you are sooooo channelling our Cas.

Feels GooD
doesn't it :)

See you in 3 hours
(OMG you're on the road already!)


14 June, 2007 12:48  
Anonymous trousers said...

What happens after tomorrow? Does the widget start going into minus figures? Just wondering.

Well I hope to be in a local branch of Waterstones tomorrow or Saturday for the purposes of getting my copy of ISoA.

Have a great night tonight, and safe driving!


14 June, 2007 17:28  
Blogger Random Reflections said...

Darn... I am off work tomorrow and was trying to decide what to do with my mum for the day. This is what I could have done! Too late now, we have made other plans. I'm sure it will be a fantastic day for you though.

14 June, 2007 23:18  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

Manchester is the Best! will you meet Brumcunian too? I'm dying to read the book! :)

15 June, 2007 15:28  
Blogger Probably the best blog in the world said...

The blogger formerly known as Brumcunian couldn't make it due to smeggy work. Hope it was a good night.

15 June, 2007 15:37  
Blogger Jon M said...

Hi Stray,

just writing to say thanks for letting me 'hover' by you. It was a rather new and strange situation for me and you guys made me feel very welcome. I will post some pics of my Jack Russell's with their waggy tails on my blog. You'll see that they are kindly souls and not snarly snappies!:-)

15 June, 2007 16:46  
Blogger hesitant scribe said...

Hello Stray - just popped in to say hi as well, and to say it was lovely to meet you! It was a good night wasn't it!

16 June, 2007 10:54  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

The secret surprises were just lovely, Stray. You are very sweet ;)

18 June, 2007 20:05  
Blogger Clare said...

It was a brilliant event, and so good to meet you - you are great!

21 June, 2007 09:17  
Blogger Clare said...

Hmmm, how eloquent of me. I'm rubbish at being eloquent in comment boxes. [sigh]

21 June, 2007 09:18  

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