Friday, May 25, 2007

What I need ...

... is a bloody good meme!

I have been wanting to post this week, partly just to shuffle the last stuff down the page, but I have worked (no kidding) 62 hours in the last 4 days. 40 in 48 in the first couple of days. Luckily I love my work, and I still get such a thrill out of loading the software I've built onto my Nokia N73 and playing with it on my phone.

But yeah, creative juices? I've been thoroughly squeezed.

Still, there are people in life who you can rely on to get you outta this kind of jam - I simply shone a giant "M" into the sky and there he was: Maht of The Moon Topples.

He told me he'd been following on from lovely goodthomas, who was feeling kinda needy in a non-specific vague way ... and without a therapist to hand, decided to turn to the font-of-all-knowledge (Google) to assist in his quest.

So, he ran a google search on "Goodthomas needs", and came up with some quite stunning observations. Maht found it to be similarly soul searching, and so it was a little trepidation that I carefully typed ("Stray needs" -home) into my google search bar.

The intensity I felt was not misplaced. Unhinged perhaps, but entirely justified. My results are below, followed by links to Maht and GoodThomas's quest results, and I tag Caroline, Ms Melancholy, Badger, Dr But Why? and Ms Pants to dare run their own search. Believe me, it's better therapy than six weeks of CBT. I shall be further dissecting my own needs later today. One of them made me cry (though that could be the lack of sleep).

Good luck. Don't be afraid, Google knows your darkest secrets and loves you just the same.

Stray needs:

Stray needs loving home

Stray needs help by 7/29

Stray needs money to continue

Stray needs to pick up some steam

Stray needs straw but I have hay not straw

Stray needs rescuing and money is no object

Stray needs to see a vet ASAP

Stray needs someone to take care of him.

Stray needs to possess a soulful spark

Stray needs all the TLC she can get

Stray needs to compile small real-mode programs

Stray needs roof over head, well-stocked bar.

Stray needs to see this. she has a thing for hampsters.

Stray needs to be screened for leukemia and FIV

Stray needs to get her butt in gear

Stray needs lots of love, patience and time

Stray needs the light to hit it just right to be visible

Stray needs to post!

Stray needs languages

Stray needs a fan club


Goodthomas needs ...
The Moon Topples needs ...

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Blogger brumcunian said...

"Stray needs roof over head, well-stocked bar"

haha. I'm thinking that maybe a well stocked bar isn't on your actual list of needs. Googles stray files are outdated. Badger tagged me and I got 'Brum needs an eerie pub'. Oh and my favourite which came up in CAPS...


25 May, 2007 12:01  
Blogger But Why? said...

Hamsters? You have a thing for hamsters??

What sort of thing?

I'm hoping that the thing you have is nothing more disturbing than a cage, or perhaps one of those transparent, ventilated balls that you put the hamster inside and watch it go insane trying to escape. That would be fine. Otherwise, well, I dread to think...

25 May, 2007 12:25  
Blogger Caroline said...

I have completed the tag and came here to leave a sensible comment, but have found myself fallen in love with brumcunian's photo.

What is it with me and men in drag?????


25 May, 2007 19:21  

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