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Following on from my amazing coincidental arrangement to have lunch with Ms M and Cas on my blog birthday, today my Dad requested a copy of some lyrics I wrote when I was much younger.

I have a scary memory stuffed full of the words of thousands of songs ... mostly other people's but also everything I've ever written it seems ... so I found myself typing out the words to a song that I wrote when I was 17? 18? 19? (I'm 31 now - those years are a bit of a blur despite the clarity on the words themselves). I don't remember writing it - it seems like it was always there just waiting to be written down. I know that I recorded it in the band I was briefly in when I was 20 ... with the most talented singer I've had the joy of working with. Who, of course, I came to be writing music with because she was the glass collector in a pub where I was serving drinks and I overheard her singing in the loo.


I don't think it's an amazing feat of lyrical achievement - but I do still believe strongly in the subject matter - so much so at the moment when I have so many lovely people in my life through blogging. And so, typing it out to email to my Dad (I have no idea why he wants it) it struck me that at the time that I wrote this song I had no concept of a 'blog'. Which made me think of the wonderful contractual clause for rights in TV these days "All rights in all media now known or hereafter invented... ".

I am sure when I wrote this I would have applied the same clause. I just wouldn't have known it. Because I didn't know much ... a lot of fancy stuff with numbers and the whole back catalogue of the Smiths were about the limits of my wisdom at that age.

Anyway ... er ... please add your own smoke and beer ... here's a little number I wrote when I was just a kid, and with a small nod to the late great Carl Jung I'd like to dedicate it to his fan Ms M. I call it Synchronicity ...

these interlocking interlinking hands are weaving patterns of coherence
mapping out the paths the steps the dance this rhythm, making sense
of sights and sounds and words and pictures, sketching, drawing it together
twisting tying knots the threads of life unbroken spun forever

don't try to tell me that there's nothing going on
it's all around you, believe and you will see
don't try to tell me that there's nothing going on
it's all around you, it's synchronicity

scratch the surface feel the pulse this living breathing breeding force
undercurrents shifting tides that surge the river down its course
the fluid fragile webs of plans we're spinning growing day by day by day
the ever present wind of change blows complex til they fade away

don't try to tell me that there's nothing going on
it's all around you, believe and you will see
don't try to tell me that there's nothing going on
it's all around you, it's synchronicity

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Blogger sheepish said...

Hi Stray, belated Happy Blogday. A very thoughtful blog as always, nice to meet some fellow bloggers face to face, although I think I would find that a bit scary. Not that I think Caroline or Ms M are scary, but I'm sure you know what I mean. Loved the lyrics aswell.

06 June, 2007 16:08  
Blogger Stray said...

thanks Sheepish - it was weirdly completely unscary and lovely :) I just felt like I was going to see some of my good friends. And we were all dead comfortable very quickly ... Fab!


06 June, 2007 17:27  
Blogger trousers said...

Hi stray. I read the lyrics but, with me, they always take a while to sink in beyond the most superficial reading of them (that's not a polite way of avoiding saying what I think - it genuinely does take a while). I think you've got guts to post them though.

Nice point about synchronicity too. I'll be back to post when my brain's a little more receptive.

06 June, 2007 18:30  
Anonymous Natalie said...

Dearest Stray, happy blogday even if I'm late, as usual. It's amazing to discover yet another side to your multisidedness: songwriter and performer in a band, no less. When are you going to post some sounds here? And pics of that historic time?
Must tell you that your song lyrics are synchronicity indeed: just two nights ago, at dinner with friends, we got into an animated debate about coincidence and synchronicity. Two of us (female) said there was synchronicity in coincidence and more than meets the eye; three of them (male) said there wasn't. I mentioned Arthur Koestler's "The Roots of Coincidence", the best book ever on the subject - have you read it? Anyway: your lyrics add one more "coincidence" to the chain and I'd love to hear the music that goes with them. Sing them into your blog?

06 June, 2007 19:04  
Blogger Stray said...

hey trousers - thanks for dropping in :) I know what you mean ... they take a bit of sinking and digestion :)

Natalie ! Wow - how serendipitous :)

I think my take on it is like some sort of psychic gravity. We are drawn to unspoken parts of people, and places. I think the signposts and directions are often simply not obvious to our conscious processing. Or something :)


06 June, 2007 19:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just the tantric sex and saving rainforests to tick off then :0)

Like the change of subject and swerve replying to Natalie's comment:0)...SO, if it was recorded and you are a computer whiz then it'll appear won't it!? I always love to hear how a human voice interprets words and a good singer plus words that mean more than LaLaLa, are an alchemy that never fails to interest me and sometimes stopps me in my tracks...go on let us hear it if you can.

08 June, 2007 10:31  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

Oh, honey, a song dedicated to me? I do love Carl Jung, you are right. I do think I quite love you too. Such beautiful lyrics.

08 June, 2007 22:46  
Blogger seventh sister said...

Jung would be proud.

10 June, 2007 01:17  
Blogger Angela-la-la said...

Thank you for being your amazing self, darling.


10 June, 2007 01:57  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

I like it. I can see that being a big hit. Happy Blogday, too :)

10 June, 2007 13:12  
Blogger Stray said...

Oh! Ms M - I love you too :) I would marry you but I've only just asked Cas on her blog, and I think I should wait for a response from her first.

Seventh Sister - welcome! Thanks :) That is one of the best compliments I have ever had!

Angela-la-la - you too honey :)

PSB - do you think so? Apparently my dad actually played the demo at this lunch speech thing he did about synchronicity this week! He says that they said nice things about it ... but they would wouldn't they?

Thanks for the happy returns :) What a lovely blog year!


10 June, 2007 16:03  
Blogger Fausto Intilla (fisico teorico) said...

a)The Jungian Theory of Syncronicity, is a clear demonstration that
everything in this Universe is predeterminated.The Heisenberg's
Indetermination Principle comes from the human ignorance
(we cannot see the reality in its totality) only an ignorant,can believe in Free Will.

b)Matter is a complex form of energy; Energy
is a complex form of Information; God's Thought.

The Universe is we are parts of God.

c) Every kind of "human desire",is followed by a Chain of "Electron wave
functions collapses" (in agreement with Schrödinger's Theory) which will not
follow ours expectations! ...So the paradox is: if we want to get hold of
something,we shouldn’t have to search for it. (Men stay still,and the mountains move...).
A curiosity: The connection between the electron
wave-function and the human intent has to do with the fact that
experiments have proved that the intentions of the operator of a radio
transmission facility, directly and instrumentably alter the
"footprint", the radiation pattern of the antenna. It has also been
shown that the intent of the human being causes a divergence in
the quantum field (which is the information field).
Any divergence in the information field results in
alterations of "probability", which directly influences
the outcome of any system which contains any element
of chance, directly influencing the resulting observable
events. (See the work of Princeton Engineering Anomalies
Research at


"In agreement with Henri Bergson's thought (see the last pages of "Entre
le temps et l'éternité" of Ilya Prigogine ,Librairie Arthème Fayard,Paris),
we can accept the idea of a "Space-time absolute value", where
all the "Space-time relativ values" are incorporated (in agreement with Einstein’s
theory of relativity); the conclusion is that there is only one Real
Matrix of the every other possible /potential parallel
"event/dimension/future" it's only a human illusion.

All the other parallel Universes (or Multi-Universes,as Phd. Everett said)
can only exist in our minds...perhaps whilst dreaming.

Unfortunately several physicists are conditioned by Heisenberg's Principle of
Indetermination...which, as you will know, is enough explain the
existence of Free Will.

Well, the Principle of Indetermination is hardly bound by the limits of
observations made by the human brain.

(We cannot see the reality in its totality...Bohm taught).

If we accept the idea that our Universe really is God,well,in a infinite
Caos of Energy too, there must to be a logical (but not for human
brain),exact,specific,and perfectly organized ...Plan.

How many significant (important) coincidences can happen to a person in his
life,living in a unorganizated and stupid Universe?...I think no-one.
Every synchronism in our life, is like an open-eyes-dream (Jung
taught)...and we can thank the fine intelligence of our Universe...if
they happen."

Fausto Intilla
(Inventor-scientific divulger)

14 October, 2007 20:08  

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