Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What do you eat?

A good friend of mine (hey K!) and I were chatting the other day about stuff I do. I was talking about writing, about having done well in Maht's fiction comp and not being sure what to do because I like writing and I like maths and I like making films ... and she interjected:

Yeah, well you're totally an omnivore.

(you need to add a kinda laid-back-east-west-coast-mixed-up US accent there to get the full effect).

I love that description of me. It feels so accurate - I like the taste of numbers, I like the taste of words, I like the taste of music and pictures and philosopy and sociology and psychology and poetry and the combustion engine. I like the texture of journalism, I like the way true stories crunch between my teeth. I like chewy meaty things and silky soupy things. I like dry and wet. I like sweet and savory - sometimes even together. I like chinese and indian and street food and home made jam.

To make the point to myself, I just spent my lovely amazon gift voucher from Maht for winning the short story comp on a book called "Use Cases: Patterns and Blueprints" which is a high level theoretical study on best practice in software design for use.

In short: I am an omnivore - I eat everything.

What do you eat?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life, mainly cos it is one word I can actually spell and use in the right context and even when I don't it's a gentle word that slips past the thought police whilst I get on with living it. The taste of life just doesn't limit and that's my kind of word and maybe one day might be the life looked back on but till then here's to eating!:0)

30 May, 2007 12:28  
Blogger The Moon Topples said...

Omnivore is nice, and I suppose I am one, too, but polymath is one of my favorite words that I never get a chance to use, so I'm adding it to the discussion.

Stray is an omnivorous polymath. Almost sounds like I've said something legitimate.

I'm one, too, although mostly within the arts (and I read science stuff a lot, but have no practical application for that).

30 May, 2007 18:47  
Blogger Badger said...

I think I eat Aspiearagus*. Hence my confusion to almost everything. Including this post. damn.

Badger x

*Aspiearagus is like expensive, clever, green Asparagas but with a touch of Aspie thrown in.

30 May, 2007 18:56  
Blogger Stray said...

D-W - yes, Life is definitely edible. best served warm too. with a glass of water ;)

Mr Moon - see, now polymath is a good word but suggests a degree of aptitude which Omnivore doesn't require. I don't have to eat things well, I just have to enjoy eating them!

No practical application for science stuff? Oh! Now that can't be true ...

Lovely Badger - Yes, aspiearagus is an excellent term for what you eat :) I take it the aspiearagus spears would need to have at least a little personal space between them and their nearest neighbour?


30 May, 2007 19:01  
Blogger But Why? said...


I'd go further and say you had an omnivoracious appetite....

I once got described as a "Renaissance" woman. Far from being a compliment it was a veiled expression of exasperation when I caused too much trouble at school cos my chosen mix of A-level subjects couldn't be timetabled.

Perhaps the poor sod who labelled me as this may have been right, Leonardo made his time machine after all and I was actually born during the Renaissance. That would at least explain my impermeability to popular culture....

30 May, 2007 19:45  
Blogger trousers said...

I recall a job application I made once, where it asked for Personal Interests (like they cared). I wrote:


There's plenty more - I think I'd qualify as an omnivore in this context - but at least for now I'll stick with the succinctness (is that a word?) of the above.

30 May, 2007 20:30  
Blogger Prada Pixie said...

I like slipping an onomatopoia gushinly down my throat. And ate alliteration alarmingly arrogantly.... or egg and chips will do!

30 May, 2007 20:49  
Blogger Reading the Signs said...

I eat almost everything except for Brussel sprouts, and mathematics unless it is given to me in very small bite-size portions by son who showed me what you can do if you learn how to chew decimals. Actually, I don't think I'd like the taste of combustion engine, though I might pretend to because I wish I could eat everything and when I write stories I pretend that I do. Though I couldn't pretend to be a software designer, and Patterns and Blueprints make me think of patchwork quilts and old photographs.
I don't know yet what I'll get with my Mr. Moon voucher. It's like a present still waiting.

30 May, 2007 21:22  
Blogger Stray said...

Dr But Why? - that explains it. Clearly they didn't have chat magazine or Wincy Willis back in Leonardo's day :) (I don't remember it being mentioned in The Da Vinci Code anyway ... ).

trousers - I never understand why they put that bit on job applications. I'd love to put cockroach racing / alientology / S&M role play / bible study and see what they make of that ;)

Prada Pixie - oh! Yum! Egg and chips? Brill! Can we do the eggs in the chip pan?

Ms Signs - what a wonderful expression - chewing decimals. You do have to chop them into little pieces otherwise you might choke. I prefer my algebra with the crusts off.

Actually - making software with patterns is very much like quilting - you make little pieces and then you stitch them together. :)


30 May, 2007 22:16  
Anonymous K said...

I feel so honored to be part of the subject of your post. I eat art and literature, psychology and gossip rags. I also like the decimals in bite sized pixalated pieces or all the 11111111s in a row.

I had to look up polymath on Sunday night (I got the gist from the context, but wanted the specifics) and it is "a person of varied learning". NO NO NO. While that may be true it is simply not romantic or juicy enough.


30 May, 2007 23:51  
Blogger Stray said...

I agree K - it's all about liking the taste, not about whether we can bake the cake :)

oh yes, all the 111111s in a row would make me kind of happy, but so would all the 11111s mixed up with the 000000s as long as there was a pattern to be found somewhere.

Yum. And thanks for the material :)


31 May, 2007 13:57  
Blogger Miss Tickle said...

I wish I ate Maths. But I tend to vomit it. Not on purpose.

But I do eat books and theatre. Faster than almost anyone I know. Yum!

31 May, 2007 14:24  
Blogger Stray said...

Oh yes Miss Tickle, my sister has the same reaction to Kiwi Fruit. I've heard that algebra, in particular, gives some people indigestion. You must be Calculation-intolerant. Loads of people have that when they are kids, but quite a lot grow out of it before secondary school. Those who don't generally have it for life.

You'll have to eat a lot of theatre to make sure you have enough bulk in your diet without any numbers :)


31 May, 2007 14:31  
Blogger trousers said...

Oh, I also eat numbers in foreign languages. Love em.

435 in Italian is my fave.


31 May, 2007 17:12  
Blogger Matthew said...

Apparently I'm mostly a pescetarian, but since I eat other animals it's easily contested.

Largely though, I eat fishes.

I also eat the important part of my bank receipts. I've a file in my bedroom with heaps of receipts, all with carefully eaten holes in them.

31 May, 2007 23:15  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

I really do think you are very clever, Stray. Have I ever told you that before?


01 June, 2007 20:07  
Blogger Stray said...

trousers - thank you for that little treat - I have been chewing it all day and it was very tasty! It made me think how much I like the taste of numbers in Japanese too, with their other meanings ...

Matthew - you pescetarians should have giant brains! Do you think those bank receipts have more nutritional value than a pot noodle?

Ms M - I'm not sure I can recall you saying that before ;) Thank you. I get everything from wikipedia you know, never had an original thought in my life!


01 June, 2007 21:02  
Blogger Misssy M said...

I'm thinking I might be "Bulimic". I stuff it all in, can cope with it all and have to throw it back up. Ewww. But true.

Have blogrolled ya. This is what I like about POTW, you get to check out blogs you wouldn't otherwise have stumbled upon.

02 June, 2007 12:31  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

I eat beads. mmm bright colours, shiny!

04 June, 2007 21:48  

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