Sunday, April 01, 2007

Traffic update for Surrey, 1st April 2007, 2.45pm

Some tailbacks developing on the A281, following a build up of waterfowl in the road.

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Blogger The Moon Topples said...

Do you have any alternate route suggestions?

01 April, 2007 19:16  
Blogger Stray said...

Can you swim? There is a lovely river just to the right of the picture. That would definitely avoid the traffic jam.


01 April, 2007 19:50  
Blogger The Moon Topples said...

Stray: You have stumbled across my weakness. I cannot swim, and fear water. Land-based routes would serve me best, as I don't like to hyperventillate.

01 April, 2007 21:23  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

ah, a ducky. There is a sign in a village that I pass through on my way to work which says 'beware, ducks crossing' with a lovely picture of a ducky on it. I will have to send it to Mr Yellow Duck some time - he may know them x

01 April, 2007 22:24  
Blogger Stray said...

Maht - See, I do like to hyperventilate. And then spin round in circles. It's cheaper than drinking!


Ms Melancholy - I did wonder in fact if it was Mr Yellow Duck himself, holding up the traffic here in Guildford - after all, he's been absent from the pond it seems. Luckily that nice man in the shot decided to stop traffic to protect the little duck. I think he did rather well - there may be a career in it for him ...


01 April, 2007 23:15  
Blogger brumcunian said...

Duck may lose job as a crossing attendant as he lets a man walk out in front of a car. Duck reported to have said 'the job wasn't all it was quacked up to be anyway.'

03 April, 2007 13:43  
Blogger Stray said...

Brumcunian you had me in proper stitches. Can't breathe kind of laughing!

Hee :) I hadn't thought that it might look that way!


03 April, 2007 13:48  

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