Saturday, March 31, 2007

I can't blog because I have nothing to say ...

I have nothing to say ...

... except the huge tree in the garden fell down in the night. And we didn't even hear it.

I have nothing to say ...

... except that I have learned to Heely with my other foot infront too. And I can swap round. And earlier Ruby pulled me along the patio whilst I hung on to her collar.

I have nothing to say ...

... except my mum has just got on a plane to Japan. She is going to paint the cherry blossom in a country where she can't even read a sign for the loo.

I have nothing to say ...

... except I am finally over my partner leaving me. I know this because I can listen to James Taylor without crying.

So, as you can see, it's clear. I can't blog, because I have nothing to say.



Blogger Caroline said...

Nothing is indeed being said. And your nothingness is filled with a nothing that made me smile nothings.


31 March, 2007 17:09  
Blogger Random Reflections said...

If appears that we now have the answer to the great philosophical question "if a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?" If only they had asked you all those years ago.

Do you think Ruby was trying to escape and was totally confused about how you managed to keep up?

You have just reminded me of James Taylor's song "Fire and Rain". A song I always relate to my ex *wipes away a tear" Thanks...

31 March, 2007 19:19  
Blogger Ben said...

Saying nothing is underrated. I rarely think my nothings will be interesting to anyone else, yet yours patently are.

Still, most days I stop myself from saying anything rather than saying nothing. Hence the large gaps. How dull.

Lead on, lass. :)

31 March, 2007 19:22  
Blogger Stray said...

Caroline - I'm glad my nothing brought a little bit of nothingness to your day :)

RR - Indeed! Many years of undergrad philosophy debates could have been avoided, and the supple young beings there occupied could have been out doing something useful ... like digging ditches.

Fire and Rain is one of my favourite songs. The particular one I've been listening to is You've got a friend ... which until recently would have had me in pieces but is suddenly back on the playlist.

Ben - My darling lovely Ben! So good to meet you in this space. It's true - yours were the first nothings I ever did read on this 'blogger' thing, and I enjoyed them immensely. I think you should go back to just speaking, making conversation, because it's good to talk ... even if you think you have nothing to say.


31 March, 2007 19:56  
Blogger Clare said...

I really like this -- it is lovely and reminds me how rich our daily lives, journeys and interactions are -- and that all of it does indeed matter. Thank you. I tried several times leaving a comment on your last post too, which moved me very much. But it didn't seem to work -- I'm new at this and probably did something wrong.

01 April, 2007 02:07  
Anonymous Natalie said...

Silence is golden, especially when filled with golden nuggets such as yours.

01 April, 2007 05:09  
Blogger PurpleSparkleBright said...

I have nothing to say
..... except that I'm very glad to hear your nothings

01 April, 2007 18:16  

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