Thursday, November 16, 2006


Natalie (who is about to find fame and fortune via featuring of her amazing illustrated blaug on the good old BBC) has drawn attention to my recent absence.

I've had enough psychotherapy to know that when one can't actually communicate, it can be useful to communicate about the blockage to communication - the meta level.

So ... here are some thoughts ...

I've had the sort of cold that is not dramatic enough to blog about but makes you envy the energy levels of a sloth.

My cat is very horribly ill. Heart problems and fluid in her chest. Hopefully survivable as apparently the nine-lives-thing does kind of translate into organ redundancy in felines.

I've been getting on with some of those real-world-things-to-do. Change the butane bottle. Scrub out the chicken shed. Make firelighters. Wash clothes. Type of stuff.

To steal a royalist phrase: My powerbook is dead. Long live my powerbook. Fortunately the insurance is coughing up for what would have been a hugely expensive repair, so instead I have used that to fund 2/3 of the cost of refurb powerbook from the lovely people at Cancom. It's gorgeous but there was a gap of around a week and a bit between the old one really being unusable and the new baby being set up.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo ... well, I'm at about 12,000 words instead of 25,000 with half the days gone, but it's proving interesting anyway. I have been alternately encouraged by the struggles of even the ultra inspirationally focussed Lorianne of Hoarded Ordinaries, and discouraged by the unbelievably fast growing word count of Watermark. I think as well as the time this occupies, when I might otherwise be blogging, I am lost in the voices of the characters of my novel, and the voice of Stray has been difficult to hear at times. That sounds a bit wanky doesn't it? Oh well. Darlings, I'm writing a novel!

And now ... I'm off to spend some chillin' time, no internet access, probably no mobile phone signal. Phew! Back Monday, and boy do I have some baby goats for you ...

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Blogger Jean said...

Have a lovely weekend. Hope your cat will be okay.

16 November, 2006 11:16  
Anonymous Natalie said...

Lz, very glad to see you back and thanks for the plug (again!). So sorry to hear that you, and the feline, have been poorly.I trust that a great weekend will fix you up and that at least one of the cat's nine options will be the health-restoring one.

16 November, 2006 12:58  
Blogger Mary said...

Stray, looking forward to hearing from you again. Good vibes to you and the cat ....

16 November, 2006 16:53  
Blogger MB said...

Hope you and cat are both stronger soon.

16 November, 2006 17:04  
Blogger Lorianne said...

I hope your kitty feels better soon. And I'm glad that my less-than-stellar NaNo performance is impressive to someone.

17 November, 2006 02:27  
Anonymous SB said...

"...discouraged by the unbelievably fast growing word count of Watermark."

I assure you, I cheat. Lots of those words are "keep typing" "keep writing" "I can't believe I'm doing this" and so on.

Though it's true that I get more focused as time goes on.

Best wishes from me and my kitties to you and yours.

17 November, 2006 06:35  
Blogger fiona said...


27 November, 2006 19:27  
Blogger Jean said...

Hey, how are you? and your cat? Missing your voice around here. Lots of love.

28 November, 2006 10:57  
Blogger MB said...

Thinking of you.

Oh. Word verification is "hugzh."

29 November, 2006 08:19  
Anonymous Natalie said...

Hey! Where are you Lz? Come back to blogland!!

09 January, 2007 13:19  
Blogger Stray said...

We're back :)

13 January, 2007 09:50  

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