Saturday, April 28, 2007



I gasped ...

as Badger handed me the package.

She was grinning. And driving. Mostly grinning.

There was a tiny sticker on the back. It said "Caroline Smailes".

I s q u e e e e e z e d the envelope gently.

I turned it over and tore open the back.

Badger said "No! Wait til we get home!"

So. I waited. (I am not good at waiting).

And then. A ♥ pink heart ♥ slipped out ...

And two tiny tiny perfectly wrapped presents!

The badges.

The beautiful badges.

We are wearing them! And smiling.

Badger says she will wear it always. I suspect that tonight she will wear hers on her pajamas. (she will).

And I cannot wait, for the first person to ask - "Adam? Adam who?"

Thankyouverymuch Caroline.


(And so far 76 people have put their pins on the map! Amazing!)

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Blogger Caroline said...

I love you and I love Badger.
Really I do.

I wrapped every badge individually.


I think it is sooooooo cool that you're wearing them.

(*whisper* if badger wears them in her pjs ... please email me a photo)




28 April, 2007 18:20  
Blogger Stray said...

We love you too!

I can't believe you have wrapped nearly 100 badges individually! You are sooooo patient!

I will certainly take a pic of badger and a badge at pajama time :)



28 April, 2007 18:23  
Blogger Badger said...

I have my badge on. Yes, yes I do.
What is this talk of PAjamas??
I dont understand.. I wear Pyjamas. Am I wrong. Probably.

Bless you for wrapping all the badges. That is very sweet. My mum wrapped my birthday gifts in bath towels this year. I did not even get to keep the towels. rubbish.

Badger x

28 April, 2007 21:16  

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