Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok, so, it's like er about 14 hours (here in the UK) to go til the official start of NaNoWriMo.

For the uninitiated, it's a collective challenge to write a novel (over 50,000 words) in 30 days. In November.

Pros: Focus. Adventure. Challenge. My school teacher when I was ten told my parents that one day I would be a writer. It's a cheap way to spend time. There are NaNoWriMo meet-ups where I might make some new friends.

Cons: I have no story to tell.

This presents a major problem. As a film maker I'm a firm believer in Alfred Hitchcock's advice: To make a good movie, you need three things : a good story, a good story and… a good story.

But, this is not a movie. And when I begin to make a film, the most important part of the process is to find out what the story is. The story emerges, through the journey and the gentle handling of the camera operator, sound recordist, contributors, editor ... and in this process I try to let go as often as possible. To just believe in my instinct that there is a story to be told and let it unfold in it's own time.

Er. But then novel writing is a solitary activity. Unless I can find some way to conduct some sort of experiment that uses the interactions around me to create the same or a similar dynamic to the film-making process that I feel confident with.

I think I've had an idea. Oh dear.

More cons: I should be doing things that make money. I have a million jobs to do around here before winter really sets in.

Counter argument: You have always said that your best ideas come to you when you're doing other stuff, like making curtains, putting up coat hooks, stirring grape and chestnut christmas preserve (it's been upgraded).

13 hours and 23 minutes to decide.


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Blogger Lorianne said...

Well, I've done (and completed) NaNoWriMo two years running, and I didn't have anything to say either time. And I'm planning to start another attempt tomorrow even though I once again have "nothing to say," I don't have time to write a novel, and I don't even write fiction, fer chrisakes.

Repeat after me: it's about process, not product. It's very much like meditation in that regard, actually...

31 October, 2006 21:34  
Blogger Stray said...

I'm impressed Lorianne.

Good point, and as they say on the NaNoWriMo site, even if you only write 500 words it's 500 more than you'd have written otherwise. Process. Yes.

Ok. I'm in!

01 November, 2006 12:30  

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