Saturday, October 21, 2006

My magic sweatshirt

Yesterday I invested in the snuggliest jumper in the world ever. It is like wearing a cuddle. It possesses the same magical qualities as an axe-proof duvet ... you know, you get up at 3am in the dark, get the fear, perhaps there is a non-specific very scary thing about to attack you ... even a mad axe-man, but as soon as you're back under the covers nothing can hurt you.

So - nothing bad could ever possibly happen to me whilst wearing this jumper.

It appears to be made from 100 percent pure muppets. I don't think it sings or dances though, which might be a disappointment to others, but for a shy soul like me, is a major relief.

I think it might be overworked. I am pretty sure I will wear it constantly til march, so I might go back today and buy a back up. A friend for it ... muppets get lonely on their own.


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Anonymous Daisy-Winifred said...

Just don't get stuck half way up the stairs eh:0) Though suppose that'll be fine if along with companion muppet for your already purchsed muppet you discover companion 'Stray' along the way too...............

21 October, 2006 15:50  
Anonymous susanne said...

Ooooooooooh, that looks perfect for the winter and if i had one i'd be living in it too! As it is i'm being held captive by a feather bed which is kind of like being hugged in your sleep. :-)

21 October, 2006 18:41  
Blogger Mary said...

Well I want one too ..... enjoy it!

22 October, 2006 14:45  
Blogger Stray said...

DW - I won't be measuring any marigolds either :)

Susanne - feather bed sounds fab (except I have a feather allergy) - I can imagine that could swallow you up for months ...

Mary - I'm afraid they are part of the animal kids range ... so, unless you are equal to or smaller than a 14 year old boy, you're out of luck :)

23 October, 2006 13:10  
Blogger fiona said...

oooo I want one! I have a similar, but black, hoody with "Placebo" written on it. It cuddles me. And it makes me look about 15. Cuddle-tops are very important. Them and fleecy pyjamas. Anything whatsoever fleecy in fact. I always get mildly disappointed in summer when I can't hid inside my walking-duvet clothes anymore.

23 October, 2006 20:11  

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