Friday, October 13, 2006

Tea for who?

This is my new teapot. I've had it for a few weeks and every time I look at it it brings a smile to my face.

There are three reasons for this.

Firstly, it's a nice teapot. A Denby. Just the right tubbiness, nicely weighted in my hand, holds 1 and a 1/4 pints - enough for 3 mugs, or two mugs and two top-ups.

Secondly, it was given to me by my dear friend Rebecca, with whom I spent and mis-spent a lot of my youth, and so every time I brew a pot of tea I also stir up some very fond memories.

Thirdly, it is a pre-loved teapot. Rebecca bought it second hand. Another hand, or hands, have held it, filled it, poured from it. And I wonder about them ... did they warm the pot? Were they Milk In First or Milk In Second? Did they take sugar? Did it provide comfort at funeral wakes, in periods of insomnia, after a near miss in the car? Was it a gift then as well? A wedding present or christmas surprise?

And what I love most of all, is that somewhere, out there, somebody remembers this teapot. It has stories, and I may never get to hear them, but it's still pretty cool that it's had a Life of it's own.


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Blogger MB said...

I love this post. It makes me think fondly of a dear friend of my own I've known a long, long time, who is also the sort to give previously-owned teapots. I think you are very fortunate on a couple counts!

13 October, 2006 16:11  
Blogger Bitterroot said...


15 October, 2006 05:12  
Blogger Stray said...

Thanks MB - I think there should be a special noun for people who give second hand teapots. Might try to come up with one - any clues?

Bitterroot - thanks for dropping by!

15 October, 2006 11:35  
Blogger Stray said...

Oh - I just realised that my mug (it makes for less washing up mountain to always have the same one) was also given to me by a good friend. Actually, technically it was a gift from her cats, who I looked after as kittens!

15 October, 2006 11:37  

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