Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Adorable Dora

You can't measure the cute-factor on a baby pigmy goat.

We encountered Dora whilst collecting some more chickens for our hen-respite center. Gladys and Hilary have joined Nancy and Margery, and the eggs were superb in our don-buri at lunchtime. Gladys is a bit of a character. On the first day she hid next to the door where we go in to the shed, and had escaped between my legs before I'd even finished stepping inside. I must look up the top-speed of a chicken ... she can really move. Ruby duly helped us round her up - she likes to chase and herd the chickens, perhaps even catching them under a paw, but never does anything more aggressive than that ... so she sniffed our escapee out in the undergrowth and then we followed the barks and returned Gladys to the safety of their shed and run.

I have my eye on her - I can see her plotting her next escape ...

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Blogger MB said...

Did you acquire Dora, too?? She is perfectly adorable, no question. Glad Ruby isn't likely to be too tough on those hens!

12 October, 2006 01:57  
Blogger Mary said...

Dora is indeed quite gorgeous. Your recent photos are so good.

And you have acquired a character. It sounds as if you won't be bored from now on .....

12 October, 2006 05:11  
Blogger Stray said...

Sadly MB we're unable to have goats here because we are surrounded by ewe trees, highly poisonous to pretty much everything it seems!

Mary - you're right, a definite character. I was late opening my email on monday morning - and when I told the client my reason at our meeting in Leicester Square ... trouble with the chickens ... he did a double take!

12 October, 2006 10:20  
Blogger Jean said...

Gladys? Hilary? The names are a hoot (cluck?)!

12 October, 2006 13:26  
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