Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Self-portrait: Steps, sketch by g
g has very generously done some photoshop work on my second attempt at a self-portrait. I really like the softness this filter brings - like warmth and safety and familiarity seeps through the picture.

I had been playing a little myself, and in entirely the opposite direction there is something really working for me in this black and white version.

Self-portrait: Steps, black & white
Bless my little phone camera, it did alright in the end.


Blogger Mary said...

Yes, there is definitely more of "you" in this one somehow expansion of some kind. It's almost as if you are bigger, more present.

Nice work Stray

.. and G

05 July, 2006 19:59  
Blogger Stray said...

Ta mary.

Funny how the dimensions seem to change when I know they can't have ...!

05 July, 2006 21:46  
Blogger g said...

I'm impressed with what your "little phone camera" has done. It's a fine image with lots of detail.

And your black and white rendition does seem to change the dimensions, doesn't it.

Incidently, when converting color to black and white you can, of course, desaturate the image, but you can also go to ...
Adjustments, Channel Mixer, click in the Monochrome box, and fine tune the black and white, within each of the channels,

(i.e. using more red will give you an "infra-red" look)

05 July, 2006 23:30  
Blogger Brenda said...

Where you have taken this - my heart leapt! So many frontiers to cross. The Delphi Oracle: "Know Thyself" - and to do that we keep having to go deeper... Stunning shot.

08 July, 2006 21:55  
Blogger Stray said...

Thanks Brenda, it's rather undramatically the steps to the canal in Guildford from the Railway station underpass.

I pass through there several times a week, and have never noticed the geometry so strongly before. I am so appreciative of the new way of seeing these things that using a camera is giving me. I have spent most of my life walking around with my eyes half closed it seems - but not now :)

08 July, 2006 23:06  

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