Tuesday, July 04, 2006

This is me: 2 of 4

Self-portrait: Steps

I'm struggling to keep myself in the picture where this self-portrait marathon at Crack Skull Bob's is concerned ...

And today, when I had to find a mirror to check that the cap I was buying to keep myself from going blind in the sun didn't make me look like I'd skipped off my paper round, I realised how uncomfortable I am with making eye contact with my reflection, let alone capturing my image.

So, back to my shadow, and this photo was taken on my rather rubbish camera phone, but I felt some sort of connection to the geometry of the picture.

Maybe I should get some crayons out instead?


Blogger g said...

omigoodness. this is an INCREDIBLE picture.

what you really need to do (disregard the tone of this message)

is to buy a copy of Photoshop, and learn how to use the digital crayons and chalks on these pixels.

04 July, 2006 21:23  
Blogger Stray said...

g, you made me giggle :)

as it happens I am playing with something in photoshop now - though it's not a self-portrait thing, and I've barely a clue how to use it. I do have a wacom tablet, but my hand has no idea about straight lines and smooth curves :)

perhaps I will put that photo into potatoshop now and have a play ... I think what I like so much about it is the way it draws your eye towards the bottom of the stair - safely away from my shadow :)

thanks for the advice - the tone was just fine!

04 July, 2006 21:31  
Blogger Mary said...

G is right. Stunning.

05 July, 2006 00:13  
Blogger g said...

a wacom tablet! you are well on the way to samsara.

i played around with your image this afternoon and came up with this:


Feel free to take it back.

05 July, 2006 01:24  

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