Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random blogage

Newsflash: Marshmallows don't flush.

Burniture is furniture for the bedroom.

There is a particularly useful kind of delicatessen, where you can buy nuts and bolts and fuse wire. 

We have a milkman.  (Is that a gender specific term?).  He is about 85.  Our semi-skimmed comes in glass bottles.  He drives a little red van and he can't reverse.  I fear Ms M will snaffle him in one of these days and adopt him.

The postman brings the papers.  He says you can tell a lot about people from their post.  Ms M says that all postmen (and women) have a secret identity.  He is probably a spy novelist world record breaking unicyclist.

It is still possible in our village of 51 people to have a paper delivered on a Sunday.   It is arranged through the post office 3 villages away, who used to run a Sunday paper service.  A man from the next village past ours goes down sometime on Sunday morning and collects them from that post office.  Then he leaves them under the carport of our postoffice.  The far-away post office produces a bill monthly.  This is paid at our post office, along with an extra 50p for each delivery.  They give nice-man-in-next-village-up the 50ps and then pay our bill for us.  Of course.

I don't have time for blogging.  I am trying to write a book whilst simultaneously finishing a piece of software.  2 pieces.  I am doing something very clever in a language I don't feel really comfortable in.  It is like trying to argue philosophy in Italian, when really I only speak Spanish and did a bit of Latin at school.

I leave you with this ... 

Ms M: I just don't think I have the energy to do a jigsaw ...

Apparently, I am a high-pressure jigsaw dooer.  Some sort of "Hurry Up Driver" or something.

I'm sure there are worse things to be.



Blogger trousers said...

Sounds like bliss. No time for blogging since you have plenty going on in real life? Great stuff. Do keep popping back every so often, won't you? It's nice to find out how things are.

And if Ms M has no energy to do jigsaws, what are the chances of her doing another blog post? I fear she is too content....

10 January, 2008 20:08  
Blogger Böbø said...

If YOU DON'T BLOG MORE I'll get my map and compass out and come up and show you the rough side of my tongue. Oh yes I will.

AND nag you on Google Talk (I've been leaving you be, considerate that you might need the space to settle and all ... BUT, enough!)

And as for Ms MMMmmmmmmm, Oooooooo there'll be words (though of course I can see hows if she found love through blogging, you might want her to stop while you're ahead).

PS: I'll race your Hurry Up driver with mine - if you enjoy winding up men who easily become all shirty panicky.

PPS: I love you're new home ... is their space for a lumbering big bloke? I can bake, chop wood, and perform heuristic usability evaluations on software.

11 January, 2008 08:52  
Blogger Jon M said...

Yay for postmen and milk men (people). Jigsaws are all-consuming

11 January, 2008 18:17  
Blogger But Why? said...

Glass bottles? They sound familiar, but fall into that pot of stuff that happened before I was almost an adult (and of which I have few recollections).

I have a colleague who I'm sure would also be a high-pressure jigsaw-doer. He achieves four times what the rest of us achieve in a day, which (given the rest of us aren't exactly slackers) is no mean feat. I suspect he has a ten minute slot scheduled into each day immediately following breakfast, set aside solely for the purposes of insane-intensity relaxation - I imagine it's the only way he avoids having a heart-attack from life-long chronic over-achievement.

But anyhow, remember to look out the window occasionally and enjoy the view xx

13 January, 2008 19:24  
Anonymous D-W said...

yep,I'm with 'but why' - work REST and PLAY! work is fine, pays for the view out the window etc BUT the view from your heart, the people you hold in your heart need you to rest and play with them and to take time to listen, communicate beyond the keyboard MORE IMPORTANTLY you, that self you often you have habit of treating with less care and love you offer to others, needs it to.

Oh my blog-queendomjust got another princesspality

16 January, 2008 07:29  
Blogger Miss Tickle said...

Missed you Stray. x

18 January, 2008 16:05  

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