Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am going to explode. Unless Ms Melancholy can give me some anger therapy pronto.

Today I rang BT again.

They have not actioned my order.

For the exact same reason as before.

They were very sorry. I shall tell this to my customers when they can't get hold of me, and my bank manager when I can't invoice people because I haven't finished the work because I can't get online. It's ok ... BT are very sorry.

Apparently there is a seven hour delay between the computers in their different departments. A request logged by BT person number 1 will not arrive with BT department 2 for seven hours.

As hundreds of millions of people all over the globe are currently passing information in almost real time by phone and internet, I can only conclude that BT themselves have no phones and no broadband.

Perhaps they've not been able to get it installed because they can't find their own address?

The irony is that this morning they sent me, as a new business customer, a link to a range of services they would like to sell me to help me use communications to serve my customers more efficiently and more effectively.

Maybe I should forward it on to them?




Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

Thanks for the stroke, but when it comes to ridiculous levels of bureaucracy I have my own particular version of anger management (which largely involves joining in to get boat loads of shit off my own chest.) Sorry I can't be of any more help x

18 October, 2007 07:32  
Blogger KindaBlue said...

Once upon a time, colleagues within the same company used to talk to each other. It was a very simple thing, but it tended to make things happen.

Apparently, though, just talking to each other is far too archaic for the modern e-enabled global business.

Try buying a PC from Dell when the billing address of your credit card is in another country to the delivery address, and you'll experience much the same thing.

Rubbish, isn't it?

22 October, 2007 13:22  
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