Monday, August 07, 2006

Chillin' out

Yesterday I popped up to London to hang out with a friend who's home is in Camden. We wandered up to Chalk Farm to indulge ourselves at the fabulous Marine Ices (also called Casa Manzi), this homely italian gelateri has been in situ opposite the Roundhouse since 1930 and they've certainly benefitted from the practice!

I was whisked back to childhood shopping trips to Brent Cross, where the bribe for a whole day of good behaviour was a Banana Split. With nuts please.

Casa Manzi also has a good reputation for cheap and tasty pizza and pasta - including the wonderful sounding "Spaghetti with Scampi".

Casa Manzi,
8, Haverstock Hill,
0207 482 9003


Blogger g said...

bribe for a whole day of good behavior. that says mountains about the general truce between child and adult, whilst on a walkabout.

08 August, 2006 11:16  

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