Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cat amongst coats

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Blogger MB said...

Aw, I just want to crawl in there, too!

Hey, thanks for your help on mp3 storage, stray!! You are a peach! (Come check it out.)

05 August, 2006 15:53  
Blogger g said...

this is lovely. the colors are complementary, and the image is soft and inviting. very tactile. i want to touch the cat. touch the fabric. rest awhile. lie in the folds.

08 August, 2006 11:07  
Blogger Stray said...

MB: Great stuff, checked it out and was glad to be of assistance!

g - thanks! Yes, I am thinking maybe I will budge him over and make myself comfortable there too ... and how compliant of the cat to choose such great colours to show himself off against. A kind of anti-camouflage I guess :)

08 August, 2006 11:17  

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