Sunday, September 02, 2007

That'll teach me ...

Blogging has been good to me.

Through my blog I have met a significant handful of incredibly lovely people who I am privileged to know. I have drawn out parts of myself which were dormant and timid. I've had a thousand moments of being aware of something 'bloggable' for every hundred posts I've actually got around to blogging.

I've laughed.

I've cried.

And if I hadn't been neglecting my blog I might well now be rich beyond my wildest imaginings (which aren't actually very wild).

You see, last Monday night I had A Great Idea. It was something so definitely necessary and produceable and marketable that Dr But Why? and I were stunned to realise it hadn't been done before. And I remember saying "I shall blog that - or at least I shall blog the fact that I've had such a good idea ... ".

And now, six days later, neither of us can remember the faintest detail of The Great Idea.

I do remember that I was standing by the chopping board in the kitchen when I had it. Dr But Why? remembers that she was making a hot chocolate at the time, about to get herself an early night. We stood and stared around the kitchen earlier for a good half hour. Dr But Why? went back to first principles to try to recall, where as I attempted to redraw the exact moment I had it, hoping to reconnect the missing information to my consciousness.

We do remember that it had something to do with the kitchen.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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Anonymous trousers said...

If I had any suggestions I'd be saving them for my own blog/future contentment :)

However, what you're describing has an uncomfortable familiarity about it. For me though it's in the sense of coming up with an idea, thinking "that'll never work" and leaving it at that - only to find some time later that someone else has had the same idea and gone on to great success with it.

i.m. n.o.t. b.i.t.t.e.r. t.h.o.u.g.h.

02 September, 2007 16:10  
Blogger Jon M said...

kitchen blog the vegetable...courgette blog...

Go and stand in the same positions you were in when you had the thought, do a on Crimewatch. Someone might remember!

02 September, 2007 16:21  
Blogger JJ said...

Oh dear yes. It's the familiarity for me too. Husband did this recently when he proposed a very sound and exciting business idea, and not 4 weeks later, we see it. His idea, out there in public, earning money...
Oh well.

02 September, 2007 17:08  
Blogger Ms Melancholy said...

Thought about hypnosis?

02 September, 2007 20:20  
Blogger sheepish said...

My brilliant ideas are always in the middle of the night and they are long gone by morning. Or anywhere else where it's impossible to write them down. Hope it comes back to you.

03 September, 2007 17:42  
Blogger Stray said...

trousers, I'm glad you're not bitter. Phew!

jon m ... it wasn't blogging related. It was something to do with cellophane (possibly). Your reenactment suggestion was useful though - it got me as far as the cellophane ... maybe someone else saw something?

jj - damn those motivated, organised, together types with their incessant successful execution of the ideas that the rest of us like to just talk about for a while and then abandon!

Ms M - a fine idea. Know any half-decent hypnotists?

Sheepish - yes, what is that about? Or do they just seem brilliant at 3am in the same way that it was utterly reasonable to dream that I had to meet my granny (who lives in glasgow) in hyde park urgently because she had something important to tell me, but couldn't get there because every ex-partner I had ever had turned up to discuss something horrible with me, and meanwhile a friend was stuck at a wedding where she didn't know anyone except for me and I couldn't phone her ... hmm ... I think I'll just stop now actually because Ms M will probably start analysing me and I'm not sure I want to know!

At least I wasn't naked. That was last night's dream instead. (Not a good naked dream ... a people keep walking into my bedroom and the door won't lock and I've got no clothes on dream).

*sigh* I think I am working too much.

Back to work!

03 September, 2007 19:13  

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