Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Probably not

... probably. More Fuzzy Logic.

This really moved me, intellectually as well as psychologically and emotionally. Possibly physically as well!

The simple idea, that anything to do with probability is, by nature, future ... and thus does not exist (unless you believe in timetravel). So - not only does the thing we are predicting not exist, but the probability itself is just an ethereal concept and shouldn't be treated like a measurable Truth or statable Fact.

As a scientist, I feel guilty. But now my Cat is being sick, and as the Cat, the vomit and the dog's bed it is all over are very definitely measurable and real, I shall attend to those.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah but there is another P word that almost sounds similar but is beyond realms of imagining in difference...Possibility:0)

20 June, 2006 18:16  
Blogger Stray said...


What a lovely contrast. I think each time I remind myself that my P does not exist, I need to relearn the fact that your P is always present. Funny how quick I seem to forget these things!


20 June, 2006 22:22  

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